KubeMQ Pro is Commercially Available

KubeMQ Pro is Commercially Available


KubeMQ a message broker and message queue for Kubernetes


Today at “DockerCon19”, we have announced the commercial availability of KubeMQ Pro, the Industry’s first managed message broker developed for containers environment and fully integrated with Kubernetes and the cloud-native ecosystem.

KubeMQ is a real-time, scalable message broker, designed to support high volume messaging with low latency and efficient memory usage. KubeMQ supports multiple messaging patterns including real-time pub/sub, request/reply, and persistent queue, by using Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS).

“KubeMQ Pro offers fully managed solution including premium support and onboarding professional assistance” said Gil Eyal, CEO & Co-Founder of KubeMQ. “With unlimited messages, connections, volume, and nodes the KubeMQ Pro is a perfect messaging solution saving organizations time and money” he added.

The KubeMQ offering includes:

Multi-Cloud – KubeMQ enables true freedom and control to run an application, workload, or data on any cloud – private or public – based on business or technical requirements. Supports any architecture, edge or bus topologies.

Production ready – KubeMQ provides a secured cluster, ready to serve massive real-world-traffic with encryption, authentication, and authorization. Offers control and observability by Tracing, Instrumenting and logging. Supports advanced traffic control and shaping.

Cloud Native – A superb out-of-the-box message broker written in GO and integrating with best of breed CNCF open source projects.

DevOps friendly – A minimal configuration required to deploy a robust and scalable system. Dynamic routing feature overcomes the hassle of DevOps to define exchanges, routes, and predefined topics. Control, debug and review by using our advanced dashboard UI.

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