KubeMQ Sources

KubeMQ sources is an open-source project connecting external systems such as messaging components (RabbitMQ, Kafka, MQTT) and REST APIs to KubeMQ server. Allows migration of legacy systems to Kubernetes native architecture.



Plug and Play Connection to External Services

Plug-in Architecture

Easy to extend, easy to connect

API Gateway

Act as an REST Api gateway

Middleware Support

Logs, metrics, retries, and rate limiters


Small docker container/binary

Easy Configuration

Simple YAML file builds your topology

Single Interface

One interface to all the services

Runs anywhere

Kubernetes, Cloud, on-prem, Edge, anywhere

KubeMQ Sources

Flawless migration from legacy messaging systems

Supported Services

Popular services are available for migration

A growing list of services are now available to transparently connect with microservices solutions. KubeMQ Sources supports messaging systems such as RabbitMQ, Kafka, MQTT, and Active MQ and services such as HTTP REST API.

Sources Concept

Simple to Deploy, Simple to Utilize

KubeMQ sources is binding between KubeMQ server interfaces (messaging patterns) and sources services (such as HTTP REST API, Messaging systems (RabbitMQ, Kafka, MQTT, etc).

Binding is a 1:1 connection between interface and service. Every Binding runs independently.

The interface is a KubeMQ connection that sends the data from the sources and routes them to the appropriate KubeMQ channel for action and returns back a response if needed.

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