KubeMQ Server Overview

Kubernetes Native

Focus your team on the core business tasks, and avoid spending time and money on running the messaging systems in your company. Using unsuitable Message Queue or Message Brokers in Kubernetes creates many challenges for the development and DevOps teams.

KubeMQ is an innovative message queue and message broker developed for Kubernetes implementation. Includes all important messaging features and arrives as an off-the-shelf product to allow simple deployment and fast coding.

  • Deployed as Statefulset cluster in less than 1 minute
  • Blazing fast (written in Go)
  • Small and lightweight Docker container (30MB)
  • Scales instantly
  • With or without Persisted Volume
  • All nodes are active and serve traffic
  • Observability support: Prometheus, Jeager, Zipkin, AWS X-Ray, Datadog, Google Stack, Driver, HoneyComb

Ease of use

  • Less than 1 minute to deploy
  • Full Dynamic Routing methodology require only channel name to send a message (Eliminate the hassle of developers and DevOps to define exchanges, brokers, channels, routes and predefined topics)
  • Transparent upgrade from a dev environment to a production environment
  • KubeMQctl, Simple to use CLI tool to deploy, monitor and use KubeMQ

All messaging patterns included

  • Asynchronous and Synchronous messaging with support for guaranteed message delivery, At Most Once Delivery and At Least Once Delivery models
  • Supports durable FIFO based Queue, Publish-Subscribe Events, Publish-Subscribe with Persistence (Events Store), RPC Command and Query messaging patterns
  • Supports gRPC, Rest and WebSocket Transport protocols with TLS support

Cloud Agnostic

  • Enables true freedom and control to run on any cloud.
  • Reducing your dependency in the cloud provider.
  • Supporting the flexibility to use both on-premises and public cloud services.
  • Allowing workloads to alternate between cloud environments when capacity and costs change.
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