KubeMQ Bridges

KubeMQ Bridges is an open-source project to bridge, replicate, aggregate, and transform messages between KubeMQ clusters no matter where they are, allowing to build a true cloud-native messaging for hybrid cloud network.


Connect Clusters and Environments Effortlessly

Runs anywhere

Kubernetes, Cloud, on-prem, Edge, anywhere

Build Any Topology

Connects KubeMQ clusters in 1:1, 1:n , n:1, n:n

Easy Configuration

Simple YAML file builds your topology


Small docker container/binary

Middleware Support

Logs, metrics, retries, and rate limiters

KubeMQ Bridges

Empowering to Build Hybrid Environments


Multiple and flexible ways of connectivity

KubeMQ Bridges concept is to bind between KubeMQ interfaces and messaging patterns. KubeMQ Bridges can bind between any KubeMQ interface source to any KubeMQ interface target, as shown below.


1. Bridge

A 1:1 (one source to one target) connectivity mainly for sync type of messages.


2. Replicate

A 1:n connectivity (one source to n targets) allowing to replicate messages between clusters connectivity mainly for sync type of messages.

3. Aggregate

An n:1 (n source to 1 target) connectivity allowing to aggregate streams fo messages from clusters to a single target


4. Transform

An n:n (n sources to n targets) mix and much sources and targets in many to many topology

use case

Hybrid Cloud Demo

This demo will show how to extend a microservices backend running in an on-prem Kubernetes cluster to connect with microservices consumers running at an external Kubernetes cluster on cloud providers such as GKE, AWS, Azure, and more. This demo will also demonstrate how to aggregate data coming from MQTT-based clients to a dedicated service for further processing. And will introduce the KubeMQ Bridges connector, which allows connecting KubeMQ clusters in many ways, such as extensions, aggregation, replication, and transformation messaging patterns.

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