Gradual migration to Kubernetes

When migrating to Kubernetes environment, the operational requirements necessary to maintain the revenue-generating monolith infrastructure cannot be ignored. Legacy systems also contain the processes and data related to the on-going business and are crucial for the service contingency.

To support a gradual migration that keeps the business operation, KubeMQ enables connectivity between the old and new environments. A bridge is provided to connect the legacy side, such as MSMQ, with KubeMQ. This connection allows a seamless bi-directional transposing messages between the services in the legacy monolith environment and the microservices-based deployment in the Kubernetes environment. The bridge installed in the legacy environment is “listening” to the MQ on behalf of the relevant services in the Kubernetes environment, ensuring the designated messages are transferred from the monolith to Kubernetes and vice versa.


This KubeMQ bridging capability enables gradual migration by implementing a step-by-step replacement of components from the old environment or the creation of new services that can still connect with the legacy resources.

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