KubeMQ Targets

Extends message-based microservice architecture with a minimal development effort. KubeMQ targets is an open-source project connecting external systems and cloud services to the KubeMQ server.


Plug and Play Connection to External Services

Plug-in Architecture

Easy to extend, easy to connect

Any Service

Supports all major service types (database, cache, messaging, serverless, HTTP, etc.)

Middleware Support

Logs, metrics, retries, and rate limiters


Small docker container/binary

Easy Configuration

Simple YAML file builds your topology

Single Interface

One interface to all the services

Runs anywhere

Kubernetes, Cloud, on-prem, Edge, anywhere

KubeMQ Targets

Build Comprehensive Solution With Minimal Effort

Supported Services

Extensive List of Supported Services

An extensive and growing list of services to transparently connect with your microservices solution. Targeted services can be cache systems such as Redis and Memcached, SQL databases such as Postgres and MySql, and HTTP generic Rest interface events. KubeMQ Targets integrate each one of the supported targets and service requests based on the request data.

Targets Concept

Simple to Deploy, Simple to Utilize

KubeMQ Targets is binding between KubeMQ server interfaces (messaging patterns) and targeted services (external and web services)

Binding is a 1:1 connection between interface and service. Every Binding runs independently.

The interface is a KubeMQ connection (in subscription mode), which listens to requests from services and route them to the appropriate target for action, and return back a response if needed.

KubeMQ Targets supports all of KubeMQ’s messaging patterns: Queue, Events, Events-Store, Command, and Query.

Single interface

Code Once, Connect With All Services

KubeMQ targets transform requests from your microservices to the language of the external services automatically. Saving the need to code a specific request for each external service according to his logic. Once microservices are connected with KubeMQ and KubeMQ targets the same command logic applies to all the external services.

A request is an object that sends to a designated target with metadata and data fields, which contains the needed information to perform the requested data. The response is an object that sends back as a result of executing an action in the target

use case

Microservices Demo

This demo will show a basic setup for Microservices architecture based on the KubeMQ server and KubeMQ connectors (Targets and Sources).

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