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Help your customers to achieve a superb solution in Kubernetes while increasing your revenues and awareness.

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Bring great value to your customers

Your customers will find KubeMQ a critical component for a successful Kubernetes and microservices-based solution. KubeMQ built natively to Kubernetes, enables smooth scaling, supports all messaging patterns and use cases, integrated with Kubernetes eco-system and offers exceptional support and escort.

Increase revenue

As a Technology Partner, we offer you a revenue-sharing model for when your customer uses KubeMQ as part of their solution.

Build awareness

When you become a KubeMQ Technology Partner, your company logo is accessible on the KubeMQ website. As KubeMQ ranked #1 on google for “Kubernetes message broker” and on top 3 results for “Kubernetes message queue”, our website gains significant traffic daily and expose your brand to thousands of people.

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