Why choosing KubeMQ?

KubeMQ team identified the need for Kubernetes messaging queue broker in early 2017, creating a real-time, scalable message broker and message queue to support high volume messaging with low latency and efficient memory usage.

Financial technology veterans

Founding team with over 20 years’ experience in developing robust and scalable financial and telecom technology. Led by serial entrepreneurs of high standard bank-grade regulated ventures.

Working for our customers

KubeMQ customers enjoy the company’s extensive global experience with complex integrations and maintaining long-term cooperation. KubeMQ share its knowledge through professional services, customization and accommodating to customer’s methodologies

Production track record

Since mid-2018 KubeMQ supports in full production billions of real-time messages daily. Integrated into financial, cyber, healthcare, e-commerce, and telecommunication systems. Connected with a range of best of breed cloud-native applications.

Operational cost efficiency

KubeMQ saves your organization time and money by integrating development and operations workflows into a unified system. Its ease of use and DevOps friendliness minimizes the need for dedicated experts and accelerate development and production cycles.

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