Kubernetes native message queue for Red Hat OpenShift

KubeMQ provides a full messaging solution for enterprises using Red Hat OpenShift to create their microservices applications, extending OpenShift’s capabilities to provide Kubernetes native messaging driven architecture.


All The Reasons to Use KubeMQ with Red Hat OpenShift

A certified Kubernetes native messaging platform for Red Hat OpenShift, KubeMQ messaging Platform is deployed natively on Red Hat OpenShift, offering all messaging patterns, cloud-native connectors, CLI as well as a dashboard to create optimal microservices solution.

Kubernetes Native
Innovative and modern message queue and message broker in a lightweight container developed to run in Kubernetes, certified in the CNCF landscape and connect natively to the cloud-native ecosystem.
Ease of use with OpenShift
One-click deployment for Red Hat OpenShift users through a certified Operator. Developer friendly by simple to use SDKs and elimination of the many developers and DevOps-centered challenges to define exchanges, brokers, channels, routes, and predefined topics.
Use one messaging platform for all use cases
Saves the need to maintain multiple messaging platforms for different use cases. KubeMQ supports all messaging patterns such as Queue, Stream, Pub/Sub and RPC.
Enterprise grade assurance
Enterprises have access to KubeMQ Operator from the Red Hat Container and Operator Catalog, a marketplace overseen and managed by Red Hat, with an assurance of the Red Hat certification, and enterprise support.
We are pleased that KubeMQ’s Kubernetes Operator has achieved Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification and is now part of the Red Hat Partner Connect ecosystem
Julio Tapia
Senior director, Cloud Platforms ecosystem, Red Hat

One click deployment from OpenShift

As a Red Hat OpenShift Certified Operator, enterprises gain easy access to deploy KubeMQ in one click via the Operator catalog section on Red Hat OpenShift. A three nodes stateful-set cluster of KubeMQ will be automatically deployed upon clicking the install button.

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