KubeMQ is a Kubernetes Message Queue Broker

Enterprise-grade message broker and message queue, scalable, high available and secured.
A Kubernetes native solution in a lightweight container, deployed in just one minute.

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All the Reasons to Use KubeMQ

Kubernetes Native
Innovative and modern message queue and message broker in a lightweight container developed to run in Kubernetes, certified in the CNCF landscape and connect natively to the cloud-native ecosystem.
Ease of use
Simple deployment in Kubernetes generally in less than 1 minute. Developer friendly by simple to use SDKs and elimination of the many developers and DevOps-centered challenges to define exchanges, brokers, channels, routes, and predefined topics.
All messaging patterns
KubeMQ available with all messaging patterns such as Queue, Stream, Pub/Sub and RPC. KubeMQ supports diversified messaging patterns, enabling flexibility in creating different microservices software projects.
Enterprise grade assurance
Enterprises have access to KubeMQ Operator from the Red Hat Container and Operator Catalog, a marketplace overseen and managed by Red Hat, with an assurance of the Red Hat certification, and enterprise support.

We are pleased that KubeMQ’s Kubernetes Operator has achieved Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification and is now part of the Red Hat Partner Connect ecosystem
Julio Tapia
Senior director, Cloud Platforms ecosystem, Red Hat

KubeMQ Features

A superb out-of-the-box message queue broker written in GO and integrating best of breed CNCF open-source projects. 

Single Messaging Platform that runs on every environment, Edge, Multi-cloud, and On-prem.

KubeMQ is deployable on all K8s platforms, eliminating the overhead of managing multiple messaging systems, creating true freedom, and control to run on any cloud without vendor lock-in.

All Messaging Patterns Supported

Durable Queues
Distributed durable FIFO based queues with an enhanced list of features.
Blazing fast real-time Pub/Sub with consumer groups, wildcards partitions and more.
Pub/Sub Stream
Persisted Pub/Sub streaming including consumer groups, load balancing, and more.
Request a service from a program located in another computer with CQRS flows.

Deploy, Develop and Monitor Easily!

Cluster management
For seamlessly creating, updating and deleting KubeMQ clusters
Development tools
Used for sending and receiving messages in all messaging patterns
Debugging tools
Allow peeking into channels for a real-time view of messaging flows
Monitoring tools
Real-time KubeMQ’s containers log streaming with powerful options for filtering and views.

Deploy KubeMQ in Less Than 1 Minute!

Create a KubeMQ Cluster

kubectl apply -f

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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