Kubernetes Messaging Platform

KubeMQ platform is a Kubernetes native, enterprise-grade message broker, and message queue with ready-to-use connectors and control center. Enabling hybrid-cloud messaging transparency, microservices integration, and gradual migration.

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Platform Benefits

All the Reasons to Use KubeMQ

Kubernetes Native
Innovative and modern message queue and message broker in a lightweight container developed to run in Kubernetes, certified in the CNCF landscape, and connect natively to the cloud-native ecosystem.
Ease of use
Simple deployment in Kubernetes in less than 1 minute. Developer friendly by simple to use SDKs and elimination of the many developers and DevOps-centered challenges to define exchanges, brokers, channels, routes, and predefined topics.
All messaging patterns
KubeMQ available with all messaging patterns including Queue, Stream, Pub/Sub, and RPC. Saving the need to maintain multiple messaging platforms for different use cases.
Hybrid Environments
KubeMQ enables the microservices from multiple environments to communicate with each other and build one hybrid infrastructure solution across clouds, on-prem, and at the edge.

Platform Components

All Your Architecture Needs in One Platform

KubeMQ server
Scalable, lightweight, and secure enterprise-grade message broker, message queue, and message streaming that’s easy to use and available with all messaging patterns.
KubeMQ Targets
Connects external systems and cloud services to the KubeMQ server allowing you to build message-based microservice architecture with minimal development effort.
KubeMQ Bridges
Build a true cloud-native messaging single network running globally. Bridge, replicate, aggregate, and transform messages between KubeMQ clusters no matter where they are.
KubeMQ Control Center
Manage, control, and monitor the KubeMQ platform. Enjoy the pre-configured Grafana/Prometheus dashboard and the enhanced CLI tool.
KubeMQ Sources
Transform external systems and cloud services data to KubeMQ. Enables integration of systems using legacy messaging queues.
KubeMQ Tasks
Orchestrate messaging based tasks workflows
Connectors and Bridges

Portability Between All Deployments

Bridge, replicate, or aggregate Kubernetes clusters across cloud environments, on-premise deployments, and the edge. KubeMQ platform provides a rich set of connectors to instantly connect microservices with cloud web and external services within the cluster.

Runs Anywhere

Flexibly choose and connect your deployment environment

KubeMQ platform is deployable on all Kubernetes environments, eliminating the overhead of managing multiple messaging systems, creating true freedom, and control to run anywhere without vendor lock-in.

We are pleased that KubeMQ’s Kubernetes Operator has achieved Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification and is now part of the Red Hat Partner Connect ecosystem
Julio Tapia
Senior director, Cloud Platforms ecosystem, Red Hat
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