KubeMQ Demos

Welcome to KubeMQ’s demos. Viewing these demos will give you the opportunity to see, step-by-step how to transparently build a true cloud-native messaging-based architecture by using KubeMQ’s Control Center automatic network creation functionalities. We will share with you how intuitive and simple (like “lego” building) it is to connect microservices, build hybrid cloud solution and migrate from legacy messaging systems

Microservices Demo

This demo will show a basic setup for Microservices architecture based on the KubeMQ server and KubeMQ connectors (Targets and Sources).

Migration Demo

This demo will show an example of a migration for services using RabbitMQ outside of a Kubernetes cluster. The same method can be easily applied to additional messaging systems such as Kafka, MSMQ, IBM MQ, ActiveMQ etc.

Hybrid Cloud Demo

This demo will show how to extend a microservices backend running in an on-prem Kubernetes cluster to connect with microservices consumers running at an external Kubernetes cluster on cloud providers such as GKE, AWS, Azure, and more. This demo will also demonstrate how to aggregate data coming from MQTT-based clients to a dedicated service for further processing. And will introduce the KubeMQ Bridges connector, which allows connecting KubeMQ clusters in many ways, such as extensions, aggregation, replication, and transformation messaging patterns.

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