KubeMQ is an enterprise grade message broker for containers

A Cloud Native message broker in a production ready cluster, designed for any type of workload and architecture running in Kubernetes.

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About KubeMQ

KubeMQ is a real-time, scalable message broker, designed to support high volume messaging with low latency and efficient memory usage. KubeMQ supports multiple messaging patterns including real-time pub/sub, request/reply, and a persistent queue, by using Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS).

KubeMQ can save your organization time and money by integrating development and operations workflows into a unified system. Its ease of use and DevOps friendliness minimizes the need for dedicated experts and accelerate development and production cycles. Infrastructure wise, KubeMQ provides Multi-cloud freedom of choice and has low computing resources requirements.

Developed to fit seamlessly with the Kubernetes environment, and integrated with a range of best of breed cloud-native applications.


KubeMQ — ease of use from day one



KubeMQ enables true freedom and control to run an application, workload, or data on any cloud – private or public – based on business or technical requirements. Supports any architecture, edge or bus topologies.


Production ready

KubeMQ provides a secured cluster, ready to serve massive real-world traffic with encryption, authentication, and authorization. Offers control and observability by Tracing, Instrumenting and logging. Supports advanced traffic control and shaping.


DevOps friendly

A minimal configuration required to deploy a robust and scalable system in Kubernetes. Dynamic routing feature overcomes the hassle of DevOps to define exchanges, routes and predefined topics. Control, debug and review by using our advanced dashboard UI.

Cloud native

Benefit from a superb out-of-the-box message broker written in GO and integrating best of breed CNCF open source projects. Works smoothly with Kubernetes and fits the Cloud Native model


Enhanced Dashboard

Gain insights and transparency for your KubeMQ
nodes / clusters

See Messages statistics

Real-time channel subscription

Troubleshooting tool


A simple way to try KubeMQ without installing it

Use all functionalities

Playground is the fastest way to try KubeMQ functionalities without downloading and installing it. It is hosted on our cloud and runs just like a regular KubeMQ would on Docker or Kubernetes.

Test our messaging broker in minutes

Start sending messages between your services immediately, all messaging patterns can be tested.

Free forever

Full installation of the Enterprise ready messaging broker  

No limitations

Use KubeMQ for any infrastructure size with unlimited nodes per cluster, unlimited clusters and unlimited messages.

All features included

Utilize the full potential of all KubeMQ features. All features are included to everyone. This product includes features identical to those available to our largest customers.

Support by the experts

Receive direct email support from a professional team with 14 years of experience in real-time mission-critical messaging systems

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